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    Hello, I'm Pungy1234, your retired leader and founder. My career in CP armies has been quite dynamic and by many peoples' point of view, quite strange. I joined the Nachos in 2009. I was in Nachos for a while but then they forced everyone to download the Nachos toolbar. This had also been right after I had gotten a talk at my school about not downloading things O_O. Because of this, I didn't download it and couldn't access the Nachos site. That seemed to be the end of my army career. Eventually, I quit CP and went to the world of Runescape. One day, I decided to start playing CP again (don't ask me why) and I remembered the Nachos. I found their site, and I was not forced to download the toolbar :) so I rejoined as a Private and I am now retired. I lead and founded the Global Defenders of CP. Thanks to Redd Kool, my dream became a reality. I led GD through the Flyer Wars, the First SWAT War, World War XII, the Second SWAT War, and many other encounters. I lead GD to become 8th on the Major Army Top Ten, though I couldn't have done it without my ever so loyal troops. Through leading GD, I became far from inexperienced and was inducted as a Small-Medium Army Legend by SMAC. When SMAC had "Legends Removals," I was not removed. I am also working as a Philosopher on Club Penguin Army Central (CPAC) and as the Head at Small-Medium Army Central (SMAC). Through journalism, I was able to further expand my reputation, and bring my ideas to the Club Penguin Army World. I bought GD a CSS and a Domain (gdarmy.com), which were both worth every cent (special thanks to Etac for coding). I hope to have the honor of leading this army to its golden age. Join the Global Defenders today!

    - Pungy1234, GD Founder -

    P.S. You Can Contact me at pungy1234@gdarmy.com

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Globe Zone

This is a fun page for all members of the Global Defenders. This is where you can get information, fun stuff, the calendar, Hall of Fame, etc. Enjoy 😉

Table of Contents:

1. Newspaper

2. Calendar

3. National Anthem

4. GD Stories

5. Globey, The Global Defenders Dog


1. The Official Newspaper of the Global Defenders


Do you want awesome new features, powers etc. for GD chat? If you do, you can donate any amount of xats to Pungy1234 on any chat. These xats will be used solely for making the GD chat fancier and buying group powers. You do not need make a donation to the GD but if you do you will greatly help make GD a better army. If you donate any amount of xats, you get to choose what it goes to (group powers etc).  If you have any questions, comments, whatever, contact us at globaldefenderss@gmail.com.

~GD News Staff

For the Latest in Club Penguin Army News, Click Here

2. Calendar

The GD Calendar is a Calendar for GD holidays, not your own birthdays. If you have an idea for a holiday, comment below.


  • January 1st: New Years Day


  • February 2nd: Groundhog Day
  • February 12th: GD’s Anniversary
  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day


  • March 2nd: National Rice Day
  • March 17th: The Globe Awards
  • March 20th: First Day of Spring


  • April 1st: April Fool’s Day (watch out)
  • April 22nd: Earth Day
  • April 30th: National Pineapple Day


  • May 5th: Cinco de May
  • National Nurses Day(United States)


  • June 3rd: Summer Kickoff Day
  • June 13th: Bray-day – A day to remember the creator who launched GD’s golden age


  • July 4th: U.S. Independence Day


  • August 15th: End of Summer Day


  • September 11th: 9/11. All Troops Off Duty.
  • September 30th: National Soy Sauce Day


  • October 1st: The Autumn Harvest. Celebration on Capital Server.
  • October 7th: Leif Erikson Day. HINGA, DINGA, DURGIN.
  • October 31st: Halloween. Costume Party on Capital Server.


  • November 1st: Dia de los Muertos. Relax and remember the dead.
  • November 4th: Voting Day: Cast Your Vote.
  • November 11th: Veterans Day, remember all those brave soldiers.


  • December 1st: Hanukkah
  • December 7th: Pearl Harbour Day. Remember Pearl Harbour: Work, Fight, Sacrifice!
  • December 24th: Christmas Eve
  • December 25th: Christmas Day
  • December 31st: New Years Eve

3. National Anthem

This song was chosen because it represents an amazing comeback victory which helped rid the world of hate and let Democracy thrive in the world. GD Strives to do the same which is why we picked this song to be our national anthem.

4. GD Stories

The Revival.

Written by Flu

The Klondike bar was empty, excluding two elderly men sitting in the corner, harbouring their beer and discussing the good old days, as many elderly men do.

“Look, Pungy” Muttered the first elderly man in a deep, grunted voice.

“Mhmm?” The second man didn’t even look up from his drink.

“Why don’t we make these nights more interesting?”

Pungy raised his head slightly, there was an apparent smirk upon his face; As Pungy and the second man scanned the room, they saw nothing but empty chairs, passed out drunks and half naked waitress’ wait desperately for the alarm that allows them to go back to their igloo.

-To be continued-

The Grand Legend

Written By Redd Kool

One day a sergeant of the Nacho Army by the name Pungy was bored. He  sat on chat, Nacho Chat, but could not think of what to do. That is when it hit him. It was either the idea or a Red Puffle, but an idea came out of the process. This idea is known as the Penguin Militia. The First Miracle. Pungy knew that he was destined to do something great, so his decision was to create his own army, an elegant Penguin Militia. He faced rough times. First he had to negotiate an HQ at WordPress Industries so he could centre this endeavour. This small WordPress HQ was disorganized, un-personal and was a Beach sort of theme, but the deed was done. That is when the second Miracle happened. Pungy was busy recruiting for his Penguin Militia through the Xat Communication for Helpful Association Technology, Xat CHAT, when he came across a new member to Nachos. None other than Redd Kool. It is said that Redd turned Pungy down first then was asked again by Pungy who had forgot of his previous asking. Either way Redd ended up accepting and became the first Advisor. Now Redd, he was the Second Miracle for a reason. He constantly helped Pungy work towards the common goal. Though Redd was a noob to Club Penguin Military by definition, he learned quick and was able to help Pungy get through the Hard Times. With Redd’s help, Pungy was able to start the PMA’s Digg HQ. Much of the Constitution and Empire we have today were drawn up by Redd and Pungy in the Early Days. Progress moved forward. A Xat Network was established by Pungy for PMA, Uniforms created and more. The Early Days were fun for the few PMA but became difficult. That is known as the beginning of the Hard Times. The Hard Times came as Pungy, Redd and their good friends and trusted Advisers Ligit Pengy and Negi were wandering through the Mine of what most believe to be Outback now. Ignoring the use of the Xat Network due to their relative closeness, the few began to speak among each other and call upon other citizens to take on the lifestyle of Club Penguin Military. However, they found that they could not speak. After much trouble, they found through CHAT that it is forbidden to say “militia” on the Island. What were they to do? All their hard work and the key to their language forbidden. But the Hard Times were in fact followed by the Third Miracle. The Third and Final Miracle came days after that Terrible Day of the Hard Times. In a grand meeting, Pungy and his trusted Advisers -the Hard Times were also the time of the First Co-leader named Veny’s Absence- decided what to do. After much debate, the Second Miracle came up with Global Defenders. Redd’s idea was liked by all. The unanimous decision sounded much better then the bland Penguin Militia and still allowed for the same glorious PMA uniform. Global Defenders was born. Of course much hard work was put in to help make the Great Transition. A new WordPress Industries HQ was required, still a nice Digg HQ, and the Xat Network was remodelled. In this time, Redd Kool was awarded Co-leader, a much needed position during the Absence of Veny, for all his effort and his brilliant idea. More was added, new Rights, a Senate, etcetera. Things sailed smoothly there out, but the worst of times was not over. As all was going well, a seemingly perfect ambassador, the Detested Lord Pengasaurus, worked away on CHAT. But nothing ever did change once the Xat Network code was given. The Owners became suspicious but were careful not to alert the busy and excited new troops. After many a moon passed, the Day of Lord’s Revelation came. While the Great Pungy was busy with the Xat Network with the Detested Lord, a disagreement of content unknown to this day came up. An angry Lord came to a glorious battle with the Great Pungy. Weapons clashed, limbs flailed, and in the end Pungy was victor. Though Lord was cast away forever in shame, he left behind a destroyed Xat. Pungy worked day and night to fix the damage, and in the end, Xat CHAT looked better than ever. The Senate officially banned Lord Pengasaurus from the Global Defenders forever in a truly splendid and well run meeting, the Original Meeting of the Senate, which set the guidelines for all future Senate cases.  After the Day of Lord’s Revelation, the Global Defenders entered the First Golden Age. Troops rapidly multiplied and Outback, our Birth Server and Original Capital, was claimed. Veny returned from her Great Absence and was glorified. The Global Defenders went from outside the Majestic Top Ten of the CPAE to the tenth to the seventh. New troops who would prove themselves worthy of more than Global Defenders, like the Rage fuelled Red Dude and the Indecisive Frosty, came to this army in that era. Unbelievable progress was made and the Global Defenders had faced all obstacles, still achieving their greatness. So what happened next, you ask? Well, that, that is a different story.

-The Beginning-

The Great Invasion

Written by Pungy1234

One day, as Pungy and Redd contemplated on how to advance the newly created army on Xat CHAT, Pungy had an idea. His idea: The Great Invasion of Outback. Pungy and Redd waited and waited. They could not come up with a good time to invade the server, and needed more troops. Eventually, Pungy discovered that a small, inactive army owned Outback. Outraged, Pungy immediately scheduled an invasion of the server. By now, the GD had enough active troops to invade. Finally, the day came. Troops logged on; went to Xat CHAT. Pungy had the troops set up camp at the town. Tents were set up and troops immediately got into uniform. The infantry set up the lines, Joke Bombs, Puffle Bombs, Clover Bombs, and more were prepared and fused. The Navy’s Aircraft flew thunderously overhead. Then, complications set in. A winter storm blew in, right before the invasion. The storm covered the base camp. Aircraft became too cold to operate. Troops suffered in the freezing temperatures. Despite these setbacks, the GD continued to persevere. They wouldn’t give up. Heaters were taken out to the G.D.S. Pungy, the aircraft carrier stationed near Outback. Aircraft were brought to running temperature. Coffee was unfrozen and served to the troops. Spirits were lifted. The troops began to recruit. Finally, after all the complications, the battle began. A round of Puffle Bombs exploded, causing a puffle-like smoke and caused damage to FGR fortifications. More bombs went off. The troops moved on to the Snow Forts. Another round of Joke Bombs exploded. The GD fought through freezing temperatures, low numbers, and more setbacks. However, the courage and strong will of the GD is what got them through the battle. Eventually, all FGR installations on Outback were destroyed and Outback belonged to GD. The Invasion of Outback was a battle of biblical proportion.

Did you say Arms?

 By Veny123

Once upon a time Frosty was bored. She was driving to Whole Foods. Then she saw Pungy’s house and decided to stop by. When Frosty got out of her car Pungy showed up from his porch. Pungy invited Frosty to come for a BBQ at 6:00 . Frosty asked if she should bring some food from Whole Foods. Pungy said sure make sure to get Tangy Sauce and Frosty told Pungy that Whole foods has the BEST Tangy Sauce ever! At Whole Foods Frosty asked for tangy sauce from a worker. The worker said that she didn’t have ANY tangy sauce. Frosty said oops because she forgot that only Tangy Island has tangy sauce. But, Tangy Island is in Russia! What am I going to do! Frosty went home to try to make tangy sauce at 5:30. She put together some tangy sauce and finished at 6:15. I’m late! Gotta get my coffee and speed down to Pungy’s house! Frosty ran in to get her coffe got it and drove off! AHH speed bump (frosty was going to fast for a speed bump)! WOAH! Yes got to Pungy’s driveway and saw that her coffee had spilled into the tangy sauce (the tangy sauce didn’t have cap). What am I going to do? Pungy has not seen me yet! Frosty speeded away. Then she saw a sigh that said “Tangy Island Grand Opening!” Frosty rushed into the store and picked 10 jars of tangy sauce and drove off. YES!!!!! But it is 6:48. Frosty finally drove into Pungy’s driveway where Pungy had just came out with his cell phone in his hand. Pungy was silent, then hung up and asked Frosty where she was. Frosty said she thought Pungy said 7:00. Pungy laughed out loud and told Frosty to come in. They walked to Pungy’s kitchen. On the counter there was a package of frozen arms. The label said “Pungy’s Arms”. Frosty jumed to the roof and told Pungy she loves that brand of frozen arms. Pungy told Frosty he had BBQ sauce and he saw that Frosty had tangy sauce! Pungy brought Frosty out while Justin Bieber music was playing and a ready to BBQ barbecue. Within 30 minuets Frosty and Pungy had a wonderfully cooked “Pungy Arms”  with tangy and BBQ sauce! I wish I was there!

The Great Escape

Written by Jacknat02

One crisp morning as all the GD troops were soundly sleeping in their bunker, the wake up siren blasted. Almost instantly everyone arose from there beds, standing straight up on  their feet. Then arising from the Commanders Room Pungy walked down the bunker path past each bed. Inspecting carefully as he passed each bed he eventually stopped and stood firmly on feet, his facing down the way past each bed. “Today we are going to patrol Outback, but i warn you we have detected ACP in the area”. “Be on your full guard and always be ready to take action when given too”. “Any questions”? Yes Gares”, Pungy said as he was calling on her. “Can we have Muffins”? “We can have muffins later if we do a good job today” replied Pungy. So they all gathered up the supplies and started to head off to the Club Penguin Beach. Everyone made it safely to the Beach then to the Dock and lastly the Town. Demos heard a noise coming from bush, so immediately he shot a bullet into the bush. A terrified ACP troop ran too the Forts uninjured but terrified. Seconds later they all heard a sound. Rumble, rumble,rumble,rumble. Suddenly over the horizon several tanks appeared rampaging straight for the GD squad. Followed by that the Air force Jets of ACP streaked across the sky like thunder birds. “Open fire”screamed Redd! Bullets flew everywhere but they were no match for the tanks. “Get to the Boiler Room” shouted Pungy. All the troops did as they were instructed. Then a storm of enemy troops stormed into the room and started shooting at them. They barely escaped from they’re into the mine. “Get into a mine cart” ordered Pungy! Everyone did and started riding trough the mine with their night scopes on. But alas they must of taken a wrong turn in the mine because they all came out in a blizzard. Amidst in the intensity of it all they overheard someone talking. “Those stupid GD folk they don’t have the slightest idea that were getting our weapons energy from the Boiler Room” said a mysterious figure dressed as it appeared to be a high ranked ACP veteran. Then after what everyone heard a cage dropped over the Platoon. The voice now said “you have heard to much, there will now be consequences you silly GD fools”. Following by that they were all taken to ACP headquarters, which is the Dojo. Everyone supplies was taken and they were tied up and put in cages. “Yes, i have finally have you all where i wanted” said a voice entering the Dojo from far off. When the figure it approached everyone in the cages dropped there jaw in shock. The figure was Redd! Shifting everyone looked for Redd in a cage but he wasn’t there. Redd said, “bring them out into the blizzard tied up, let them freeze to death. They all laid in the snow unconscious until Juju woke up and noticed that one of her hands was untied. Her vison was very blurry, but in the distance she made out a large object. Finding the strength to get up she woke up everyone else. When everyone was alert and awake she decided to go see what the large object was. It was a plane, with a full tank of gasoline! Juju called the others over and Pungy directed Clyde the Air Force specialist to fly the plane to the  forest. He said you should hide in the forest until we get there. Clyde got in the plane and flew off. For a while he was fine flying, until ACP picked up the unidentified aircraft flying trough the sky. So they shoot down his plane, which landed in a remote forest. He barley survived the crash and searched for shelter. He didn’t find any shelter so he ventured off to find civilization. Meanwhile the rest of the platoon was brainstorming ideas of how to get down the mountain. Then Frosty sparked a idea. She motioned towards a log and got on top of it. Out of options and desperate everyone else got on the log. Then Frosty kicked off the log, and they were speeding full speed down the mountain. Going down it at full speed was scary but, they all were terrified when they saw that they were heading straight for the Snow forts! Bracing for impact they hit the Forts, which collapsed into a huge pile of discarded snow. Nearby Clyde saw the lights of Town and ran straight for them. He then slowly crept trough the ally of the Night Club being extremely cautious of ACP. Then he saw two guards at the edge of the Allys end. Then picked up a trash can lid and clonked both of the guards upside the head. They both fell down to the ground unconscious. Clyde then changed into the guards clothes and walked off proceeding to go into the Night Club. But he stopped when Redd walked out of the Club with many guards surrounded him. He stopped and saluted him, but as quickly as possible he took a dash into the Club. Boy I’m sure glad to get out of there he thought as he walked up the stairs to the second story. He came out the entrance to the roof and scoped out the area looking for any sign of the platoon. He saw them! They were dusting themselves off after getting out of a pile of snow! As quickly as possible, trying to be unnoticed he got over to the Snow Forts. “Look” Pungy said as a ACP Trooper neared very close. When getting close enough Jack tackled the Trooper unmercifully and said, “explain yourself”! Its just me Clyde. Oh, Jack said embarrassed as he backed away. After Clyde had explained everything that happened Frosty brainstormed another idea. They all huddled in a circle whispering and listening intently.The chains rattled as the group of Global Defender prisoners walked trough town. The ACP Trooper who had found them explained to a guard that he sighted them in the Forts so he took them prisoner. “Do you need a cell to be these GD troops in” the guard asked? “Yes” the Trooper replied. “I think there is a open cell in the Book room of the Coffee shop”. “Thank you” said the Trooper as he walked away going to the Shop. When they got upstairs, they all were very relieved that the guard didn’t recognize Clyde as a GD troop. As Clyde switched back into GD uniform a ACP Commander came upstairs and saw everyone. Startled Veny quickly picked up a pot of coffee by a book and shot it out at the Commanders face. “AHH MY EYES, MY GORGEOUS EYES” the Commander yelled. RUN said Pungy! They all ran as quick as they could past the Snow Forts into the Stage. Looking around they saw dozens of cages filled with prisoners. As scanning around the room Gares spotted Redd in a cage, and immediately pointed him out to the others. Then the Commander that chased them came into the Stage. Pungy tackled the Commander and took his weapon, he then shot the cage locks all around the room. Everyone came out of the cages and joined in with the GD group. Pungy then walked over to Redd and said, “i knew that you didn’t betray us Redd”! Redd explained how ACP captured him unsuspectingly when no one was looking. After he explained Pungy directed everyone to go out of the Stage and go down the ladder to the Pool. Once down at the pool Pungy said we must destroy the Boiler, that is the only way to cut ACP’s power supply. On the count of three everyone busted into the Boiler Room. Right as they were all there a horde of guards came down the ladder and surrounded them so they were defenceless. All of the people that weren’t GD troops ran off like scared little school children. Then the Anti- Redd walked into the room and stood in front of the troops. He said “now you will perish because you know where we get our energy source from. ‘Not today”!Nero yelled as he threw a grenade right into the Boiler reactor. The Anti-Redd ran back past the Pool into the Mine. Escaping from the clutches of the guards the platoon ran after the Anti-Redd into the mine. When they got into the Mine they saw that the fake Redd was now in a tank. “Ha, i have you now said the fake Redd”! Followed by that was a loud explosion from the boiler room. “Oh fudge” said the fake Redd after he heard the explosion. “Run”, said Pungy! They all ran by the Pool up the ladder into the Plaza. The bright lights of explosions streamed in the sky all over the island. The main reactor on all of their weapons had exploded! Re-Joice, we have won! Dancing in celebration Gares stopped and started in awe at a sign that said “Pizza Parlor now giving out free Muffins”! After getting free Muffins the GD troops walked away eating them, on the shattered remains of Outback. What happened was nothing big, alas this was just a average Global Defender day.

~More to come~

Going Global

Inspired by a True Story

by Redd Kool

Chapter One

Redd Kool walked into the Chat Room and took a seat next to some other new recruits. The Nacho Capitol’s Chat Room was a great place for Redd to learn the ropes of Club Penguin Armies. He was already a Trooper and had been in the Nacho Army almost a month and a half, but it was still his first army. Redd sat down. Some of them were pretty annoying. It must be why the others called them noobs.

Redd wanted to sit with the others, like Hades and Puckley. But they were all hanging with their high ranks. What frustrated Redd was that he was older than most, older than their leader, Tanman, even. He had just made the decision to join an army too late. So Redd Kool sat down with the Privates, Rangers and Troopers.

Sgt. Pungy sat down at the table with his fellow Staff Sergeants and Sergeants. He had been watching Redd Kool for a while. He noticed that Redd was very intelligent, but not in a way that made it annoying. He figured he could use that quality to his advantage.

Pungy had privately been working on an army of his own. Lately, he had been scouting out soldiers in the Nacho Army that showed potential. He knew making an army was a tough task to accomplish, and he knew that an army is only as strong as its weakest link as well. So this step showed both necessity and caution.

The lunch bell whistled. It was training time again. Pungy watched all the troops leave, but waited for Redd Kool. Pungy stood and grabbed his sombrero, then caught Redd by the army.

“One second, soldier. I’d like to have a word.”

“Yes, Sergeant,” Redd replied.

“Relax,” Pungy laughed, “Call me Pungy.”

“Yes, Pungy, but why, may I ask, did you need to talk?”

“Well, I was wondering . . . Would you be interested in joining an army?”

“Sure, but I am already a Nacho. I would love to but I am already in this army.”

Pungy laughed, “There is no rule here against joining other armies! Only Night Warriors do that.”


“Of course! So are you in or not?”

“Well, what rank would I get? Moderator?”

“The highest!”

“Okay, I’m in. What do I do?”

“Go to this address at 11 pm.” Pungy handed him a slip of paper.

“Penguin Time?”

“Penguin Time.”

The two shook hands, then Pungy left. Redd looked down at his watch. Uh-Oh. He was almost late for drills. He grabbed his sombrero and ran to the parade grounds.

Escape to Russia

  Written By Negi 123 456

Long ago on an island called Club Penguin, penguins wore nothing but skin from an animal. Penguins had to kill, and not buy pizza. They had to live in caves, not igloos. Penguins stayed on one island, never went to different world by foot, sea, or sky. The Wind blew hard trying to beat the race of the sea. One Penguin peeked out from his cave and everything looked normal as everyday life. he lived on the beach, he only had a boat and himself. He eyed a ship. The ship had other penguins on it, cheering because of they coins they won from the sea. The Penguin watched it hide. Bill was his name. Bill got on his boat and eyed the ship. This was Bill first time on sea and he didn’t bring anything with him to use.  3 hours passed by in a blink and the sea was becoming mad and made huge waves. Bill hold on tight by the side of his boat. Days took it time and it become dark. Spash! A fish came by Bill boat, rocking the boat. Bill watched the fish and found a pebble in the boat, he grabbed the pebble and threw it at the fish, making it scared.  Night died and Sun took it’s place. The Wind was sad and lost its race with the sea. The water was weak and calm. Bill found a tiny island. He stopped at the island. The water become hard and the waves ate the boat and the sand was scared and followed the boat behind. Bill was dumbfounded. He discovered a bar, he walked in and noticed a man crying. “What’s wrong?” Bill asked as he pats the penguin’s back. The penguin with a broken heart looks up “I can’t leave this place, once you come you can’t leave” He shakes in fear. “I can help!” Bill said as he grabs the penguin’s hand. “What’s you name?” the penguin asks. “Bill..” Bill answers back.  “Oh.” the other penguin said. he sigh with a icey empty sigh. Bill and the other penguin went to the cold water.   “Who do you think you are?” the other penguin grunted. Bill didn’t say anything. The Water was starting a race with the wind. The Wind became hard. The Water started to make it’s feelings come out with a wave. The black clouds came out kissing its tears, and started to cry it’s tears.  “The Cloud is Crying..” sighed Bill. Bill started to swim, the Sun was invaded with the rain and the moon showed it’s famous light, the stars. The stars starting to make a path to his goal, to Russia. The other penguin was drowning and suddenly was sucked up like dust. Bill made a heavy sigh. He started to swim across the danger of the night. Collecting his Jar of Hearts back. He only had a sorrow broken heart of Joey and needed his joyful heart again. Joey? Who is Joey? Well, Joey is his brother who died last year from the big wave. Bill past came to him, he still remembered that and all of that happened 1 year ago. Then he remembered his sister Anna, who ran away 3 years ago. “Bill, come with me!” Anna demands, “No! I shall not leave!” Bill shot back, “Fine! Joey and You stay here then!” she grunted. She went and never came back. “She was nice in the past” Bill said as tears came down from his face. He was alone in the middle of the sea, following the path of the stars. He must do that before he gets his last. He starts to fall into a sleeping penguin. It wasn’t that long before he was a sleeping Penguin. He dreamt of his father. “Bill! Your fish is here!” He called, “Oh boy!” Anna, Joey, and Bill say. “I will have this big one!” Joey suggest. “I have this one” Anna says before Bill. ” I have the small one then, haha” Bill laughs, everyone joins in. Everyone was happy, everyone was having a heart, now sorrow. “Everyone enjoying today dinner?” Their Father used to asked, “Yes, thanks dad!” All three said. Everyone had smiles. Now everyone is sad. That happened 9 years ago, when he was 8 or 9. Now he is in his 20s. Joey and his dad are gone, Anna is unknown. The Night went away to a different land, the sun showed it’s talent. And it was morning, Bill woke up from the birds. Bill looked at his spy phone. He went through his friends and family’s numbers, he noticed Anna’s number. He stared at it for a while. The world paused. His tears came and he called her. “Hello? It’s , Bill, yeah, I miss you too! huh? Oh…” He had a frown. It wasn’t Anna, it was his mom, Anna was working. She was a vet for puffles. He waited for hours. “Hello? Oh Hi Mother, okay I will wait” He hung up. He waited for his call. Days turned into Weeks. Weeks died and Months came. Bill was starved and still in the ocean. Following the stars. It said he was almost there. But he didn’t understand. 2 Days passed and he found a huge island. He went there. He spotted a fancy penguin. “Hello Lad,you are new?” The One Penguin said. “Yes I am, where am I?” Bill asked. “Russia, Welcome!” The penguin greeted Bill and saunter off. Bill was catching a cold, from the ice inside his soul. He came to his dream, his goal, Going to Russia! He called Anna again “Hey! Oh Hi Mother, guess what? yeah I made it! To Russia! By Swimming! Is Anna okay.? What!? Oh…” Bill hung up. ” I guess I am now the only penguin alive in my family including my mother. Bill sat down on a log, a couple penguins made a camp fire and were singing in spanish ” Canción hoguera! Conozco un secreto!” (Campfire Song! I know a secret!). Bill didn’t understand “Como?” (how? or why?). The other penguins stared at Bill and laughed “jajajajajajajajajaja”(hahahahahahaha). Bill just joined in “jajajaja?”. The Penguins noded “si!”( yes). Bill was getting the note from the bottle. The Moon was showing it’s power of light. The stars were dancing, the fire was dancing, into a beat. And the tree were hugging the platform. “Ah, mira los árboles!” one penguin said.(Ah, Look at the trees!). “Si, hermosa”  a dark green penguin said(yes beautiful). Bill noded. He didn’t know what “hermosa” meant. He thought it meant peaceful. He  walked out of the pack, and went to motel. He slept on the floor, with Stone Cars. He looked at the stars remembering the good times with Anna and Joey, even with his mother and father. He prayed with wishes. And he went to sleep.The Sun woke up with Bill as well. Bill noticed himself in a bag. He didn’t notice the ground being bumpy. Then he felt a whack by his leg. And a dry string by his chin. It was a rope! The Rope was being pulled. “I think we got him, boss” A Jet Black Penguin spoken high. “Yes He is pulling our rope!” A low penguin joined in. “Put the Spike Balls in!” A Red penguin demanded. They nodded. Bill felted a point and he was  kicking everywhere. He was trying to Collect his Jar of Hearts, but they were tearing love apart. “Anna, I’m sorry…” Bill said. “He is alive!” the low one said again. “Throw him in the river!” The Boss demanded. The Bag flew. Bill heard a splash. Bill was in a river, swimming with the fish who are running away from the bigger fish. “Bill…….follow the stars” Anna voice came to Bill minds. “Brother, ZINGO!” Joey voice joined in. “Son, are you ready for your life being in danger?” His father voice asked. Bill listened to those for a short pace. “Remember Bill, never give up…..on your drea-” His mother’s voice disappeared in flash into the sky. Bill knew his mother was there in life. Bill thought about Joey. In his mind, he thought about it…”La la la la la!! Bill are you ready to hit this ball? Joey asked him when he was 8. Yea! ZINGO! Bill called back at him from across the huge field. Okay Joey said as he threw the ball. It flew to Bill and he sung his bat and the ball was hit into a homerun. ZINGO! Joey said, ZINGO Bill joined in.” Bill remembered that, for his first baseball game. Now that Joey wasn’t there from his trip, he couldn’t use Zingo. Zingo was a funny word for Bill. “What does Zingo mean, Joey?” Bill asked him, “Zingo  means Bingo but a fun way to use it” Joey winked and walked away with Bill. Joey was the best brother. Bill was 21. He was 26. He was old, well turning old. “Zingo, haha!” Bill laughed. Joey smiled and joined in with the laughter. Suddenly, the movement stopped, the whole world stopped. Bill felt a hard fall. No Spash. He felt rocks behind his weak back. He ran his hand over the platform. He was on grass! Bull got it, which took 20 Minutes. Bill looked around. He saw trees, plants, a river, and gold? Bill learned to live half alive. Gold was the best for Bill. He took the gold and made it into a shiny heart. Collecting his jar of hearts again, he gain happiness. He stared at the golden heart. He headed to the mountains of Russia. Bill saw two penguins a boy and girl. “Don’t come back for me!”, the girl penguin yelled at the other,”Don’t come back at all! Tearing love apart”. The other penguin looked confuse “Uh, your the one who is tearing love apart”. The girl looked at him. “No, You are, the one who is running ’round leaving scars”. The boy ended the yelling by walking away to Bill “Hey man!” he said. Bill felt a cold. Suddenly a sword was in him.Bill knew it was all cool. The girl penguin ran to Bill. “Woah! You can take the power?! That’s brave!” she smiled.Bill was confused. “You’re going to be my new project, come on!” She grabs Bill. “What do you mean?” Bill asks her. “Oh no! We aren’t dating, you see, you need a make over!”, she said, “Don’t wear that animal skin! Wear these fancy clothes!” she suggest. Bill just followed. They were going to a dark alley. “Go over there, Once you get this, you will look better” she said. Bill did what she told him. Suddenly Bill fell. “Ow. What was that?!” He yelled at her. The penguin pointed at him. Bill looked down, “Oh, thanks,and sorry for being mad” he said. Bill left. The other penguin waved good-bye. Bill thought about Anna ” Hey Anna what does half mean? Bill asks once. Uh mean’s another monkeys uncle. she said. Anna always tried to change the subject. Once there was a man who killed a moth, yeah sorry Bill I liked your mom too, too bad she wasn’t my mom. Bill always thought….half was a funny word too. Bill had two mom’s, his first mom died. “She was the best” he said to him self. She always came to his room and made wishes around his room. They come and go away, that’s means it would come true. Russia was one of his wishes. Bill looked at his golden heart and then at his jacket. Bill went to shore, the wind lost it’s race, the waves were happy, they won the race. The water is trying to pull the sand into the water to play. Bill was walking on the sand. He saw a chip of a heart, a ruby. He had one like that too. He took it out and the two stuck and transformed into a red ruby heart. Bill putted the two hearts in a jar. Collecting his Jar of Hearts was fun and cool. He lost all of them. He sat down on the damp sand, and looked up to see the stars doing their dance. He smiled for seeing a image of his family, made by the stars. Bill learned one thing, “Dreams can come true”, he said, “Dreams can come true, just work hard to it”. Bill watches close. Big shooting stars were coming to him. He watched a video. He clicks, it plays. “Billy boy, come look!” a woman spoken in the video. The two penguins move in the video. “Mama, what is this?” He asks. They both smile and look, “a star” she tells him. The video breaks. Bill looked at the sea. “I got my wish, but I want to go home” he started. He went to bed. Suddenly he was outside “BILL WAKE UP!” His brother Joey yells at him. They were outside. Their backyard. Yes home, the dream was gone. “I am a kid again” Bill wondered. Joey laughs. They were practising baseball. They were teens,the night before Joey is supposed to go. “I saw the future” Bill sang. “ZINGO!” Joey yelled. Smack! The ball flew. “Nice” Joey smirked. Bill saw the clocks in his mind. Joey was going to go. He went to his pick-up truck. “Got to go, bro”, he said, “See ya in 3 months”. Bill watched him walk there. He ran to him. “NO JOEY, DON’T GO!”, he cries, “You’ll die! I saw the future, it was like a real thing”. Joey looked at him. He blinked two times. “Wow. Um.Sorry.” He flashes. Gone.  Bill stares at his fish on his plate. Poking it with his fork. “It’s going to get cold”, his mother grunted, “Better eat it quickly”. Bill eyed her. He grabbed an towel from the floor. “Ha Ha…Hey Mom got to go to the bathroom.” he said. His sweat touched the floor. He sence anger. His Mother looked at him. “Okay. Quick.” .She smelled fear, and felt sorrow. Bill ran to the TV room. He went to his sister Anna’s room. “Hey Anna!” he said. “Hey there rat”, she sighed,” if you’re going to bother, then scat”. Bill went slowly on her bed. “Oh no. just wanted to see my sweet sister, Anna”. He smiled. A big smile. Anna was speechless. She ran to the hall way. “Mom! Bill is being a weirdo!” She screamed. Bill pulled her in her room and lock the door. “Shh! Say Manny!” he spoken quietly. “Fine” she said. Bill made a evil smirk “Good girl, just tell her” he shot back. Anna walked in the middle of the hall. “Mom Nevermind that was Manny!” she called to her mom. Anna walked back, and read her “Dork Diary”. Bill went in front of her face. “Do you like Fish!?” he asked to her. He threw his fish into Anna’s beak. “ugh..Bill! You will get something back!” Anna kicked him out of her room. Bill wonder about that. “Oh no…”He said. He went to his room. Looked at his window. His Mom came in. “I know how you feel” she said. “AH!” he screamed. He fell asleep on the table. “Bill”, his mother sigh,” Eat your fish”. He ate his dinner. Went to Anna. “You’re going to die” he cried. “What?” she asked. Anna was confused. “When I’m 21 you’re going to die” he repeated. Anna was shocked. “SCAT!”, she shouted at him,” YOU’RE 16 NOT 20! STOP LISTENING TO THE DEVIL!”. Bill ran out of her room. He woke up again. He was shocked. He was in Russia. He was 21. “Flashbacks I guess” he wondered. He called his dad. No pick up. “He died  4 years ago” a lady said. He called Joey. “Oh Too late” ,a old man said, “He is long gone”. He called Anna. No one picked up. He called his mother.”Hello?” His mother said. He was happy. “Mother!”, he said,” We are the only ones left!”. Suddenly the phone dropped. The line broke the relationship of the wire. “Nice Trick”  Bill said. Bill was wary. Bill wanted friends. Bill looked at the stars and hope Joey was doing the same. He went to the shore and walked on water. Suddenly he went back in the past. Everything black and white. Clocks ticking his mind. He was in his room. Joey walked in. “Bill”, he said,” I’m going to my work”. Bill eyed Joey walking out of his stone room. “Wait ,Joey!” Bill called back, “You’re going to die when I’m 21!”. Joey blinked. Thought about that. “Fine I will go when you are 21”. They walked out and came into a hall. Joey went downstairs. “Thanks for tellin’ me bro”,Joey winked. Bill ran to his sister’s room. He knocked on the door, and went in. He wanted to warn his sister. “Sis”,he said softly,”You are going to die when I am 21″. Anna, his sister, looked at him. “Why 21?” She asked. Bill felt like a doctor in the family. He was trying to remember. “Because of heart attack, you got to drink more water..uh, yeah” he said. Anna agreed and went to the bathroom to wash her face. Billy didn’t like his dad. Too strict. A grump. “what is in the mind of that woman?”, He said to his son, Bill, “Marring me? I will make your bones grind and your head bleedin'”. Bill ran upstairs. He wasn’t going to tell his dad about this death coming up. “I love your father”, his mom tells Bill,” He is so sweet”. Bill didn’t listen to that. Bill’s Father,came out from outside. “Cold Today, Go outside and rake”, he demanded and threw a rake at Bill. Bill sauntered outside of the tall cave. He been thinking. Why would his home have a upstairs if its a cave? Bill stepped on the first soft white snow. He looked at it as if it was his first time. He saw no leaf, not even a tree.He went inside of the dark cave. “Dad”, Bill said,”No Leaf, No Money”. His dad turned. He dropped his broom. He looked at Bill. “Then broom the floor” he grunted like always. Bill took the broom and wiped the floor. Dust invaded the air. Bill gave a cough to his dad. His Father sighed. “Son”, he said,” Learn how to broom”. He kicked Bill out of the cave and took his place for brooming.Bill went the cold. The ice bit his feet. He crawled on the snow. Making a boat. He pushed it with care to the shore. The soft shy snow met the water,and the boat melted. Bill sat there watching the snow hide in the water, making it hard to see.

5. Globey, The Global Defenders Dog

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