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    Hello, I'm Pungy1234, your retired leader and founder. My career in CP armies has been quite dynamic and by many peoples' point of view, quite strange. I joined the Nachos in 2009. I was in Nachos for a while but then they forced everyone to download the Nachos toolbar. This had also been right after I had gotten a talk at my school about not downloading things O_O. Because of this, I didn't download it and couldn't access the Nachos site. That seemed to be the end of my army career. Eventually, I quit CP and went to the world of Runescape. One day, I decided to start playing CP again (don't ask me why) and I remembered the Nachos. I found their site, and I was not forced to download the toolbar :) so I rejoined as a Private and I am now retired. I lead and founded the Global Defenders of CP. Thanks to Redd Kool, my dream became a reality. I led GD through the Flyer Wars, the First SWAT War, World War XII, the Second SWAT War, and many other encounters. I lead GD to become 8th on the Major Army Top Ten, though I couldn't have done it without my ever so loyal troops. Through leading GD, I became far from inexperienced and was inducted as a Small-Medium Army Legend by SMAC. When SMAC had "Legends Removals," I was not removed. I am also working as a Philosopher on Club Penguin Army Central (CPAC) and as the Head at Small-Medium Army Central (SMAC). Through journalism, I was able to further expand my reputation, and bring my ideas to the Club Penguin Army World. I bought GD a CSS and a Domain (gdarmy.com), which were both worth every cent (special thanks to Etac for coding). I hope to have the honor of leading this army to its golden age. Join the Global Defenders today!

    - Pungy1234, GD Founder -

    P.S. You Can Contact me at pungy1234@gdarmy.com

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Active Count – Very Important

Pungy Edit: People who are underlined on the ranks page will be demoted down 1 rank if they don’t comment by Saturday.

This Active Check Is Very Important, Please Comment!

Active Check! We need to see how well we are doing and more so comment the following:

Ranks’ Name

Current Rank

About When You Joined

Last Time On Chat

Last Event Attended


We need to see what we have here. By saying Timezone, we know what times we need to have events at (ie Many “Pst/USA” means we have events around 4 Pst or 7 Est during weeks). Also, we need to decide if you are active.

Senators better all comment. Demos you better comment. Demos you need to tell me what times are best so we can get Senate going. Remember your timezone is 8 hours earlier than mine.

33 Responses

  1. Redd Kool
    PMA Era so February
    CPGT Practice Battle today
    Pacific Standard Time/ United States

  2. Clyde16
    High General
    Late March
    Yesterday (May 14)
    Tourney vs TT

  3. 2nd high member
    Late feb
    Yesterday or maybe today
    A few days ago

  4. Kdrp
    Plootoon general
    Practise battle cpgt
    Gmt grenitch mean time

  5. 1. Hbk300
    2. Platoon General (10ic)
    3. March
    4. 2 minutes ago
    5. Cpgt vs Gd practice Battle today
    6. Eastern Standard Time/ United States

  6. Demos2121
    Grand General
    March 11, 2011 at 4:53
    few hours ago
    i think the one with BB

  7. Ralphmets1
    like december 2010
    CPGT practice battle today

  8. Ranks’ Name

    Current Rank

    About When You Joined
    I joined on March 26th, and i am GD’s most active troop! Like you don’t know his Pungy*shifty*.

    Last Time On Chat
    Pshhh, I’ve been on chat all day.

    Last Event Attended
    I’ve never missed a event, and today GD VS. CPGT PB.

    Eastern Standard Time/ United states( I am currently on a cross country road trip to Brooklyn passing trough New Jersey and then California)

  9. Ranks’ Name
    Not Billybob
    Current Rank
    Staff Sergeant
    About When You Joined
    About a week ago -_-
    Last Time On Chat
    Last Event Attended
    The pb with CPGT today

  10. 1.Greeny22250

    2.Highest Member

    3.I joined this month exactly and i came to have a good time and hope that this army will not fall.

    4.This afternoon

    5.None im srry i was grounded 2 days after i joined GD

    6.PST(Pasfic Standerd Time)

  11. Negi 123 456
    I joined February(PMA Time)
    I go on chat everyday sometimes
    PB with CPGT Today

  12. Pungy1234
    I created GD :mrgreen:
    I am on chat as I write this
    Tourney vs TT

    btw 12th

  13. Juju78314
    Platoon General
    January I think? Pungy can reply if it’s right.
    3-4 hours ago
    PB with CPGT

  14. 1:Selenaa9342:Staff Sergant3:March4:Couple minutes ago4:The onewuth BB


  16. Name: Mrdoghnut

    Current Rank: High general

    About When You Joined: about January 2011

    Last Time On Chat: 5 minutes ago but nobody was there

    Last Event Attended: im not sure but definately one this week

    Timezone/Country: GMT/England

  17. Name: Lollypoppa10
    Current Rank: Major General
    When you joined:March 5th (I checked join page)
    Last Time On Chat: I am on now
    Last Event: Yesterday
    Timezone/Country: England (We are NOT GMT at the moment,we are 1 hour behind!)

  18. Name: Gares!! 😎
    Brigadier General
    i think i joined in March?? (not sure)
    Oh Wow!! after the weekend!! ( And srry i wasnt on chat all week cuz i was busy doing school work!! )
    This weeks event!! But i was a dragon im guessing!! 😉


  19. I know you Gares you were on CP when my army Green Fire was recruiting

  20. 1. Red Dude877
    2. 3ic soon to be 2ic
    3. idk like just after PMA
    4. yesterday
    5. PB with CPGT

  21. oh and i am pst

  22. oh and i think my time zone is 8 hours later then yours Pungy1243

  23. Ven2ic
    First Day
    Just got off chat
    Pungy knows

  24. Ranks’ Name

    Current Rank

    About When You Joined

    Last Time On Chat
    About 9:20 Easter Standard time in the USA

    Last Event Attended
    Just joined so havent been to any events



  25. Ligit Pengy
    Since the beginning 😀
    A loooooooooooooooooong time ago
    I’m retired so idk

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