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    Hello, I'm Pungy1234, your retired leader and founder. My career in CP armies has been quite dynamic and by many peoples' point of view, quite strange. I joined the Nachos in 2009. I was in Nachos for a while but then they forced everyone to download the Nachos toolbar. This had also been right after I had gotten a talk at my school about not downloading things O_O. Because of this, I didn't download it and couldn't access the Nachos site. That seemed to be the end of my army career. Eventually, I quit CP and went to the world of Runescape. One day, I decided to start playing CP again (don't ask me why) and I remembered the Nachos. I found their site, and I was not forced to download the toolbar :) so I rejoined as a Private and I am now retired. I lead and founded the Global Defenders of CP. Thanks to Redd Kool, my dream became a reality. I led GD through the Flyer Wars, the First SWAT War, World War XII, the Second SWAT War, and many other encounters. I lead GD to become 8th on the Major Army Top Ten, though I couldn't have done it without my ever so loyal troops. Through leading GD, I became far from inexperienced and was inducted as a Small-Medium Army Legend by SMAC. When SMAC had "Legends Removals," I was not removed. I am also working as a Philosopher on Club Penguin Army Central (CPAC) and as the Head at Small-Medium Army Central (SMAC). Through journalism, I was able to further expand my reputation, and bring my ideas to the Club Penguin Army World. I bought GD a CSS and a Domain (gdarmy.com), which were both worth every cent (special thanks to Etac for coding). I hope to have the honor of leading this army to its golden age. Join the Global Defenders today!

    - Pungy1234, GD Founder -

    P.S. You Can Contact me at pungy1234@gdarmy.com

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War Has Been Declared: Noob Crush Hour (Another Added)

Note: Read Below Posts!

Pungy: I will be gone from Friday to late on Sunday. I am going on a trip and I may have wi-fi in the motels but other than that I won’t be on. Redd will be taking over ’til then. Sorry about this leave, it wasn’t my choice.

Redd: Demos2121, you failed to organize a Senate Meeting. You are hereby stripped of Head of Senate. Mr Doghnut, runner-up, is now H of S and a Contributor on the site. Doghnut, you have until Thursday, June 8, to organize a meeting. If you too fail, Clyde16 will recieve the oppurtunity.

Note: The invasion of Aurora will be on Klondike if it is full but will still be for Aurora.

Yes GD,

S.W.A.T. has declared war on us. This is not the rogue army, this is the organized S.W.A.T. They came to our chat without warning and declared war on us. S.W.A.T. is making the first move. They will be invading Frozen.

❗ Defense of Frozen ❗

When: Sunday, June 5th

Where: Frozen Server

Enemy: SWAT


10:30 AM PST

11:30 AM MST

12:30 PM CST

1:30 PM EST

6:30 PM GMT

❗ Comment if you can make it ❗

*1 Hour Later*

❗ Invasion of Aurora ❗

When: Sunday, June 5th

Where: Aurora Server (Klondike if Full)

Enemy: SWAT

11:30 AM PST

12:30 PM MST

1:30 PM CST

2:30 PM EST

7:30 PM GMT

❗ Comment if you can make it ❗

SWAT chose the wrong fight quite frankly. Let’s prove to them that nobody messes with GD.

Also, another noob army, CP Royal Knights, have declared war on us. Their 4 man band (army) will stand no chance against the superior firepower of the Global Defenders. They have not given us any servers or times except 4 PM. They have no specified a time zone so we will update that when we get one.

~Pungy1234 GD 1ic

22 Responses

  1. He told me that too. And he said if we won, his troops would join GD.
    (I created the deal 🙂 )

  2. Lol np 😉



  5. oh crap! I thought you didn’t own Frozen crap uh we claimed it too so we have to work something out also can we participate?

  6. also may BSW come and help

  7. i was on chat and some stupid member from SWAT was like OH YEA WE ROCK WERE GONNA PWN YOU and i was like shut up u moron

  8. I can make both and someone said if demos didn’t post about senate by monday 30th may then I would get head of senate. obviously not….

  9. SWAT isnt even on CPAE and were almost on CPAC xD

  10. I might be able to make it but probley not because my computer’s messed up. Sorry

  11. The Club Penguin Flyers are holding a tournament including 12 armies happening in the Summer. We hope you could take part and have some fun. If you want to take part please comment here http://clubepenguinflyers.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/returnupdatestournament/

    I know the SMAC down is on but It will be held in the Summer Holidays.

  12. i might make it if i dont have anything going on! 😉
    And Swat are good ppl but reminds me of Burnt Popcorn that doesnt taste very good 😦 lol

  13. umm im pritty fine with that (i was about to make a post saying i was retireing from head of senate anyway)

  14. I could be there

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