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    Hello, I'm Pungy1234, your retired leader and founder. My career in CP armies has been quite dynamic and by many peoples' point of view, quite strange. I joined the Nachos in 2009. I was in Nachos for a while but then they forced everyone to download the Nachos toolbar. This had also been right after I had gotten a talk at my school about not downloading things O_O. Because of this, I didn't download it and couldn't access the Nachos site. That seemed to be the end of my army career. Eventually, I quit CP and went to the world of Runescape. One day, I decided to start playing CP again (don't ask me why) and I remembered the Nachos. I found their site, and I was not forced to download the toolbar :) so I rejoined as a Private and I am now retired. I lead and founded the Global Defenders of CP. Thanks to Redd Kool, my dream became a reality. I led GD through the Flyer Wars, the First SWAT War, World War XII, the Second SWAT War, and many other encounters. I lead GD to become 8th on the Major Army Top Ten, though I couldn't have done it without my ever so loyal troops. Through leading GD, I became far from inexperienced and was inducted as a Small-Medium Army Legend by SMAC. When SMAC had "Legends Removals," I was not removed. I am also working as a Philosopher on Club Penguin Army Central (CPAC) and as the Head at Small-Medium Army Central (SMAC). Through journalism, I was able to further expand my reputation, and bring my ideas to the Club Penguin Army World. I bought GD a CSS and a Domain (gdarmy.com), which were both worth every cent (special thanks to Etac for coding). I hope to have the honor of leading this army to its golden age. Join the Global Defenders today!

    - Pungy1234, GD Founder -

    P.S. You Can Contact me at pungy1234@gdarmy.com

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I Believe in Pungy

Hai dere, GD!

I’m Icey Cold27, your lord.  I’ve been in armies since spring of 2008.  To be more specific, it was around April or March when I joined my first army.  Here I am, four years later, still doing the thing I love.  I’ve been around– have done my own leading.  At one point I was a leader in all top five armies, excluding the IW.  I’ve lead armies like AWCPU, Elites, FGR, and PI into the top ten.  It’s election time here at GD and it’s come clear that we’re seeing Pungy versus Redd.  Both are awesome candidates, nonetheless I love them both dearly.  I’m here today to talk about my dear friend.

Probably my greatest accomplishment was leading ACP to the finals at the “End of the Year” tournament back in 2010.  I wasn’t even rightfully the leader yet; coming out of a bad time with unjustified owners.  Just a temporary leader doing the duty of satisfying his commander.  On that momentous day, ACP was gifted with 130+ green machines fighting across the server.  Since that day I’ve been honored with a medal of honor and recognized as one of the successful ACP leaders.  I’ll never forget the lessons I’ve learned from my time there.  I’ll always cherish those memories of everyone who has been there for me.








My dear friend Pungy is running for president of the Global Defenders.  The great, supreme army.  Pungy has always been a guy I can put my trust into.  He’s always been coming up with ideas to better armies or sites.  You can tell in the way he writes that he has a lot to say and a lot to change.  Pungy knows how to make a difference.  Whether it’s something big like getting GD a regular major army or updating a widget on the sidebar daily.  He’s always working to a better goal, and once that goal is obtained he doesn’t stop there.  He makes another goal and keeps on fighting.

Pungy is a good leader for the Global Defenders.  Sure!, he is no unstoppable force like the greats of the army community, but he is a guy that learns from his mistakes.  Also looking out for the best interest of the soldiers, and in order to do so facing himself and understanding his flaws.  Without Pungy GD would have not been created.  Without Pungy GD would have not stayed around for so long.  Without Pungy, would we even be GD?  He’s shaped this army into what it is today.  Redd is a great man with a lot of ideas with a respectable voice, but ask yourself, who has been the caretaker of this army?  The loyal guy Pungy is our big brother; he’s the big man.  Vote for the guy that will get the job done.

This advertisement has been brought to you by the “Vote Pungy 2012” society.  Sponsored and paid for by Campaign Managers, Icey Cold27 and Sidie.  The “Vote Pungy 2012” society is making no money off this advertisment.  Message brought to you by Pungy.  Pungy approves the writing and nature of this post.  Have any questions about the “Vote Pungy 2012” society feel free to visit us at our website.  God Bless GD!

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