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    Hello, I'm Pungy1234, your retired leader and founder. My career in CP armies has been quite dynamic and by many peoples' point of view, quite strange. I joined the Nachos in 2009. I was in Nachos for a while but then they forced everyone to download the Nachos toolbar. This had also been right after I had gotten a talk at my school about not downloading things O_O. Because of this, I didn't download it and couldn't access the Nachos site. That seemed to be the end of my army career. Eventually, I quit CP and went to the world of Runescape. One day, I decided to start playing CP again (don't ask me why) and I remembered the Nachos. I found their site, and I was not forced to download the toolbar :) so I rejoined as a Private and I am now retired. I lead and founded the Global Defenders of CP. Thanks to Redd Kool, my dream became a reality. I led GD through the Flyer Wars, the First SWAT War, World War XII, the Second SWAT War, and many other encounters. I lead GD to become 8th on the Major Army Top Ten, though I couldn't have done it without my ever so loyal troops. Through leading GD, I became far from inexperienced and was inducted as a Small-Medium Army Legend by SMAC. When SMAC had "Legends Removals," I was not removed. I am also working as a Philosopher on Club Penguin Army Central (CPAC) and as the Head at Small-Medium Army Central (SMAC). Through journalism, I was able to further expand my reputation, and bring my ideas to the Club Penguin Army World. I bought GD a CSS and a Domain (gdarmy.com), which were both worth every cent (special thanks to Etac for coding). I hope to have the honor of leading this army to its golden age. Join the Global Defenders today!

    - Pungy1234, GD Founder -

    P.S. You Can Contact me at pungy1234@gdarmy.com

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Amazing Unscheduled – Great Job GD!

Hello Defenders!

Today we logged onto Outback for a quick unscheduled event. For such a quick event, I must say I am impressed! We maxed 21, and averaged 19! This size of 21 is a step up from our former best sizes of 20. I know we can go even higher with these goals GD! For improvement, please work on spamming the tactics. A good tactic is always a spammed one. Here are the results:

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Act of Colonization of the Royale Penguins


The nineteenth day of April of the year two thousand and fourteen

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Claiming of Rainbow – Victory

Click here for some yummy marmalade and pears.

Hey Defenders!

Flu edit –

If you are going to comment anything on SPA’s website (which I do not recommend is rude as we are to keep the moral high-ground in this situation)  Please take a screenshot and save it to your hard drive; This is just so that they cannot edit your comment and make it look like you said something you did not, and we can thus prove you were innocent. (especially since SPA have been known to edit comments and XAT chats.. though be it rather poorly) 

Today we logged onto Rainbow with great sizes! We maxed 19, and averaged 17. SPA continues to claim we are using ‘allies’, so on top of the pictures provided in this post, we will also provide proof we are not They also yelled ‘allies’ about the whole event, then logged off early half way through. Here are some pictures of the great event: Continue reading

Declaration of War – All Troops Must Read

Greetings Defenders

Ever since the Global Defenders have came back, we have seen many armies threatening us on and off. Today, we now see an army that is continuously stealing troops from armies, and not only the Global Defenders. We are tired of it, the community is tired of it. Not only are they over-confident, they are also little cocky-**** ****es. The Global Defenders are declaring war on the…

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UK Practice Battle With Light Troops – RESULTS!

Jack Edit: Nice Job Defenders!

Hey Defenders

Today we logged onto the server of Ice Box [1 Bar] to fight the Light Troops. This was just a Practice Battle. Great job to both armies, in which this battle was deemed a tie. On the other hand, the Global Defenders maxed 12 and averaged 10. Read on for some of the pictures!

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Events for Week 3

Hey Global Defenders

We had a very successful and busy Week 2 since GD’s return. We ended up maxing 17 at one of our events! I am very proud, but, we cannot stop here. Here is the list of events for this week. I expect at least 12+ at each event!

 Monday, April 14th 

What: UK Practice Battle With LT

Where: Ice Box, Town

Times: 7 PM UK/GMT; 2 PM EST; 1 PM CST; 12 PM MST;  11 AM PST

 Tuesday, April 15th 

What: UK Training

Where: Outback, Town

Times: 9 PM UK/GMT; 4 PM EST; 3 PM CST; 2 PM MST; 1:00 PM PST

 Wednesday, April 16th 

What: U-lead

Where: Bobsled, Iceberg

Times:  7 PM EST; 6 PM CST; 5 PM MST; 4 PM PST

 Thursday, April 17th 

What: Practice Battle With Swat

Where: Sled, Stadium

Times: 10 PM UK/GMT; 5 PM EST; 4 PM CST; 3 PM MST; 2 PM PST

 Friday, April 18th 

What: GD Fun Night w/ an All Nighter, Games, and More!

Where: GD Chat – xat.com/gdarmy

Times: 8 PM EST; 7 PM CST; 6 PM MST; 5 PM PST

 Saturday, April 19th 

What: CPAC Spring Smackdown

Where: Klondike, Snow Forts

Times: 8 PM UK/GMT; 3 PM EST; 2 PM CST; 1 PM MST; 12 PM PST

 Sunday, April 20th 

What: PB or a SMAC Tourney

Where: To be announced

Times: To be announced


Make sure you comment on which events you can attend Defenders! Lets make it great!



Event Results For 4/11/14!

Hey Defenders!

We headed onto Outback today for a training session! A few mods led GD, with helping owners, and really did good for their first time! We had great sizes, maxing 16, averaging 15. What a great way to kick off our weekend! Make sure you attend the Practice Battle Saturday, and the SMAC Tourney Sunday! Here are the pictures:

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Introducing Tompenguin6!

Brady Edit: Glad to have you on our Global team!

Hello troops of GD, I have been given the opportunity to become 3ic of global Defenders. It’s a privilege and honor to server you. *salutes* Continue reading

The Globe Weekly – 6 Apr 14

Introducing the latest from the Global News Network, the Globe Weekly is the official weekly newspaper for citizens of the Empire. Be sure to check in each week and see what’s up in the army.

Inside GD this weeek

UK Unscheduled – First UK Event

Hey Global Defenders!

Our UK force logged on for an Unscheduled event today. We hit 7 for a high and averaged around 6-7. We logged on a 1 bar server. Great job UK peepz! We’ve hit more than US! Read more for the pictures!

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